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Freedom Lube Wipes  50 count 


Freedom Line Products patent pending gun oil now comes in a wipe! Freedom Lube Cleaning Wipes harness our patent pending gun oil in a wipe for faster and easier cleaning. Each container comes with 50 5"X7" cleaning wipes. Each infused with Freedom Lube Gun Oil.


Perfect for any firearm. Removes carbon dirt, and grime while also lubricating moving parts as it applies a waterproof barrier from the outside elements to any metal surface its applied to. Freedom Lube is safe on all surfaces including: Nickel, Gold, Bluing, Wood, Hydrographics, Stainless and Polymer.

Use for any application that requires the cleaning and lubrication of metal parts. Tested among Law Enforcement.


Product is made in the USA!


For Material Safety Data Sheet click the link at the bottom of your screen.

Freedom Wipes

SKU: 7584754755037
  • Directions for use:

    Before cleaning assure the firearm is unloaded.  Apply to all metal on firearm for cleaning, lubricating and protecting metal from moisture. Wipes can be reused if the firearm does not have surface rust or a heavy amount of loose debris on the treated surface. For the reuse of wipes store in a plastic bag or put back in provided container for storage. Do not reuse wipes if the treated parts or surface is covered in rust. For firearm storage: Wipe in a wet application and store firearm.  For field applications: Wipe firearm, then remove excess FREEDOM LUBE with a lint free cloth. FREEDOM LUBE is safe on all surfaces including: Nickle, Gold, Bluing, Wood, Hydrographics, Stainless and Polymer. 

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